Bella Syk

Here I am

Trying to get to Houston for this B+J tour stop. Its been my only real goal all year. Its looked iffy since I bought the ticket! An I still owe a friend for helping me with it. I just wanna see this!
Its 12:54 am and my clothes are in the dryer. Im going over the money thing an I think I need to pick cheaper hotel. Calling into my new job, to go. Idk idk idk…
I just want to have a WIN! I want to see this concert and come home the next day.


— 2 weeks ago

So now five people from my old call center jobs + one friends ex + one cousins baby daddy. Call centers really do just trade people around! Omg what if this is the rest of my life?!?!?!? But one good thing, a chick I use to blow HARD with works here. So one good thing? (lol)

— 2 weeks ago

People are doing this thing where they feel like telling my mom something is the same as me an its making me feel some kind of way

— 2 weeks ago

I always put people as older/above me. This is my worst habit by far! I just auto put people above me, as having it together, as being better. *sigh*
Lost $100 earphones from work in an hour an I have no idea where *sigh*
Im starting to feel like im always going to be poor an like the hardest thing im dealing with my life. To be poor an barely making it. I cant keep living like this.

Bella B

— 3 weeks ago

Just told a coworker about #TheRead and she told me about the Tom Joyner show…TOM JOYNER IS NOT NEW 😒 She also loves Bossip & BGC. This new job is a gem. Starting a blog for my call centers stories now!

— 4 weeks ago
Sunny days

I wonder if she’s on her way to my job. Naw she’s dressed to nice and looks happy.
He looks nice. He could be going to my job, dressing for the job he wants! Then Id have to start dressing up, thats not gonna last. Oh, well bye then.
Still in route…late

— 4 weeks ago
Break post

•Walked into work and a girl was curling her hair in the bathroom.
•Funny guy #2 made a dumb Solo elevator joke
•Basically this was a week of training/interview because they havent gave out badges and they are doing sample calls with feedback & a final tomorrow.
•There’s a baby momma/baby daddy situation happening in the parking lot as I type. The baby mama didnt come last night. Cursing the mom right in front of the kids. She’s at work and he made her come out to ask her shit! This is wild! They not together but she was suppose to pick up the kids but got caught up with Sara-jo, had a beer and well…He threatened to fuck her up in the parking lot. Kids just around them. She on drugs an is use to defusing situations. He was asking her about last night and she replied “You leave the windows open? HIM: Why? Her: cause the mosiquitos mustve got your neck! I mean already? HIM: We aint been together in four months! Her: My break is over. He packed up the kids an left.
End if break byeeeeee

— 4 weeks ago

How is there not a tv show on call centers?!? Not that crap that was on cbs/nbc/abc like a orange is the new black type show?!? This is a goldmine. Im not fitting in so far :-/ i need to peep up or im not gonna make it. Being dead inside is so hard some days.

— 1 month ago

my storage is officially gone. Any memories from before 2011 are gone. Pictures, mementoes and books. Im sad but this just another thing in my loser life so its not unheavel, just another bump.

Well trying sucks! Tried to live in a different city and now my life is way worse than when I wanted to leave Denver in the first place. I shouldve just stayed in my condo, working at that cell phone place and smoking my life away.

Anyway Im trying not to be a downer . I cant help that my life sucks right now though. I guess now…now I get up to go volunteer to keep my foodstamps, they’re probably not gonna give me anyway because thats the way my life goes.

Berry Bella the life failer

— 1 month ago

I was a 20! And when I thought I was gonna have to buy 22’s I wanted to stop eating. So I started drinking water & walking. Now my 18’s are feeling loose! AMEN! Its not easy being depressed and really not seeing a way out of it.
Somedays I didnt take my life because the thought of people going through my stuff was too much. What if they find…or read…I threw away a lot of stuff because of this smh. I havent figured out life or how to want it everyday but im trying. I live. I go for hours long walks so I dont just lay in bed. I reread my favorite romance books. I listen to a few different podcasts to remind myself eveyone doesnt have everything figured out #TheRead #GirlOnGuy #Nerdist. Ill probably never be out of debt, Im accepting that. But hey a girl can dream!

I dream if things like helping the hood by taking over car shop an paying for peoples cars to get fixed for weekend. Paying peoples parking tickets. Standing outside a payday loan place an paying off loans + giving people twice the amount they wanted to get a loan for. I want to help people like me. In a circle of hell trying to climb out.

My dreams are cheap but still far far away from my reality


— 1 month ago